Friday, January 19, 2007

Technically Challenged

It has been quite awhile since I posted but I have a good excuse. I am technically challenged! I forgot how to log on to my blog, hence I couldn't post anything. I called in the cavalry and Katie helped me. Now, if I post more often, perhaps I won't forget again. We are getting ready to paint and redo Mandy's boys bedroom. They have to move in together to get ready for their little brother's arrival. So my leisurely life will be over for a few days. Max got a gameboy for Christmas and it amazes me that a four year old can be so successful at it, as well as so engrossed. He does not want to be bothered when he is playing his game and of course that just kills Emily. Sometimes, though, he will be generous enough to share with her. Sam just minds his own business. Playing or hiding in the closet hoping someone will come and play with him.

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Katie said...

Poor Emily. This picture looks like Em is so bummed about playing the game. Max probably doesn't care too much!