Sunday, March 4, 2007

I'm Back!

It has really been quite awhile since I've been on here, but a lot has been happening to us. Last weekend we went to Yukon for a couple of days to see the folks and give a baby shower for Jake and Amy Sue Burnett (Jake is Debbie's son, their daughter, Rylie Jo is due in April). During that time Sally purchased her first new vehicle. As you can see, she and Emily are both very excited about it. Hope the excitement holds when she starts making the payments! Emily does like the car, but basically she just likes to pose, even when Limo steals her shoes. As many of you know, my Mom has surgery last week. They were supposed to do a procedure to correct her heart rhythm, an electrical procedure. After getting into the procedure, the doctor discovered it would not work, so a pacemaker was put in place. It was a long surgery, but after only one night in the hospital, she came home. It will take a while to recover, but we are all optimistic that this will really improve her condition. We greatly appreciate the love and support from friends and family and covet your continued prayers. Love you all!

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Annie said...

Is that my adorable niece Emily or the new Vogue Cover Girl? She is precious. I wish she would give a little of her outgoing personality to poor cousin Lily.