Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Put on your dancin' shoes, again!

Sunday afternoon was a big day for Emily. She was in her first dance recital! It was quite exciting, especially when we had to evacuate to the locker rooms due to a tornado (the recital was at the high school auditorium) right in the middle of it all! She was really dreading performing and wanted to quit dance because of the recital. But with some bribes and threats, she persevered. As a matter of fact, she did great and can't wait to do it again. She said next year she wants to do the recital first and then take lessons. I guess the small matter of learning the dances hasn't occurred to her yet!


Katie said...

Can't wait to see my kids!!!

Annie said...

How sweet!!! Oh I wish Lily would be a brave girl and take dance. I know she would love it. She dances around the house ALL the time. Emily is precious