Friday, October 5, 2007

Lazy Fridays!

Guess you can tell, we didn't have much going today, so of course when I am bored I snap a few pictures. I am rubbing off on my grandkids, because they want to get into the act and take pictures also. So I just posted some of all of our pics.

Do you think Max is close enough to the television...I'm not so sure!

I just had to post this so Annie could see how big Ben is getting!

Max took this picture. I'm afraid that Emily thinks she is a bigger babysitter than she actually is. When God answers her prayer for a baby brother, that child will get more attention than he can stand.

Another one of Max's photo opportunities. Ben really is laughing, even though it looks like he is crying.


Kara said...

Max is really good with the camera!

Annie said...

These are so cute! I love to see pictures of you guys around the house, since I miss so much. :)