Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wedding Pictures

Our wedding photographer called to to let me know that he is having some trouble with his web site. I think he has been working around the clock to get our pictures up and ready. He just told me that they will be availiable tomorrow, but we have to access them a little differently. First, go to the website www.jamesphotographics.com, then click on view your images, and then click on event/sport images. This will take you to a page that should have the wedding listed. I don't know if it will be password protected or not, but the password is: luthi. I'm sure that is clear as mud, but you technology people will probably do just fine:)


Kara said...

I have been waiting all week, they are all so beautiful! I laughed, smiled, and even cried a little. They look so happy! God has truly blessed all of you! Sorry we missed it!

Hilary said...

Great Pics! Sally was a beautiful bride. I'm so happy for her and Emily!