Friday, March 21, 2008


This has been a busy week and I know I have not posted in forever. Last week I was supposed to go to Owasso on Friday, but I was really sick, It has been a long time since I have felt that bad. Just the other day I was bragging about NEVER being sick, well........ I will never brag about that again. But on Sunday I did make the trip and have been feeling better all the time. I had such a good time seeing my little Owasso munchkins, so I decided to share their cuteness with all of you. (again with the blue and I don't know why)They still like to play dress up. I am proud of Cooper here, he is not dressed like a fairy princess, he is slaying dragons instead. Actually, this toy is not a favorite of his parents, he likes to "slay" alot of things he shouldn't.
Aren't they so cute, playing with dishes AND a dump truck.
Cooper can turn somersaults - he's to talented.
Annie has been practicing her french braiding. She is doing pretty good, at least one of my girls needs to learn how to do this (guess Mandy won't have much call for that skill)
Good job!
Ryder may be the happiest baby I have ever been around and I have been around alot of babies!

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