Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have been tagged!

It has been way too long since I have posted anything (I hope I remember how :D ) It just seems like my life has been crazy, way too many things going on. We just got back from camping yesterday and the first day of Vacation Bible School was today, but maybe life will settle down a little bit, not too much though, I wouldn't know how to act. Here goes my "tagging" answers :

1. The comfort of knowing my Jesus loves me and I get to spend eternity in Heaven (and that new perfect body is just a bonus!)
2. My family - including my wonderful husband, kids, sons-in-law, and grandchildren!
3. Getting to enjoy so many things with friends and family. I am trying not to be too sappy, but it is hard!

1. Losing a loved one, especially a young one.
2. Snakes - any size, any where.
3. That people I care about will not become Christians.

1. To get new carpet in my house. I have never - in all my married life - had new carpet, pathetic, isn't it? Actually, we are getting some this summer - Yeah!- already purchased, just have to wait to an installer :(
2. To lose weight - basically, this has been a goal of mine for too many years to remember, but hey! it's still a goal.
3. To finish Christmas Stockings for Ben and Ryder this year - so sad that they did not have their own for their first Christmas.

1. I love to read, but I must have a new unread book waiting while I finish something else.
2. I can't sleep in a messed up bed, even it I don't make my bed in the morning, I will make it right before I go to bed a night.
3. I have had various collections of things over the years, but so far nothing has "stuck" - maybe I should collect diamonds.

Facts about myself
1. I really like little "exercises" like this, both filling them out and reading other people's. I am also a blog lurker - I even like to read blogs of people I do not know.
2. I am terrified of snakes - but I am also completely creeped out by earthworms - so sad!
3. I once took belly dancing lessons - but quit when I found out that there would be a costume and recital!

I don't know who to tag, but anyone who hasn't been . please consider yourself tagged :D


The Garvie Family said...

I love little "exercises" too!! I think that is way I get such a thrill over filling out a tax return...I know I'm very sad. My mom only gets new carpet right before she puts a house on the market to sell and she never gets to enjoy it. I never have understood that.

Leslie said...

I do the same thing with my bed, I cannot stand laying in a messy bed, or seeing one really. I make ours each and every day, so you're not alone there.

BTW if you can think of the best mystery you've ever read that you just couldn't put down I'd give it a shot. I already picked out a new book for some light beach reading, but I'll put your recommendation at the top of my list for next time. Thanks!

Kara said...

Fun to read...hope you are having fun at vbs...I miss it :)