Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flashback Friday. on Saturday!

I just love Leslie's flashback Fridays so I am stealing the idea - and of course I am late, since technically is it Saturday - but I don't care, I'm doing it anyway :D This week, my wonderful father turned 81. God has blessed me so much through my dad. I always considered my dad to be some kind of superman - he could do anything and just about has - he built their house they live in (plumbing, electricity, and all), he always fixed everything even our old televisions ( I didn't have a car with an automatic transmission until I bought my own because Dad didn't want to work on those), he writes amazing poetry, and is an artist to boot. So you see, I was right. And most importantly, he is a wonderful Christian man, who lives his convictions and always put his family ahead of himself. So this is for my amazing dad, Philiar George Rice! The only baby picture we had of dad, and for those of you who doubted there were cameras when I was a kid- there were even cameras in the "olden days." :) Yes, his name really is Philiar. I've never heard of another one but my Nana always told me it was a family name.

Dad went into the Navy at 17, caught the tail end of World War II and got to go to OU on the G.I. Bill. I think he weighed a whopping 120 pounds dripping wet!
Dad and me, when I am about 6 months old.We have a whole "file" of pictures like these. The kind where you set a timer, someone punches a button, jumps in the picture, and waits for the flash. There was no warning or anything and sometimes we looked very surprised. Notice my sister, she was quite the poser! This was taken on Mother's Day, notice the roses we are wearing to honor out mothers. Everyone did that back then - red if your mother was living, white if she has passed away.My dad is so creative - here he is modeling a Halloween costume he made for a Sunday School party.
This is my sister, Debbie's wedding, in 1978. They celebrated their 30th anniversary this year. Congratulations, Debbie and Steve!Daddy is ever the bargain hunter. Here he is, getting a cheap (as in free) haircut from Greg. Yes, that is a flowbee! Greg can sometimes be an impulse buyer, and since I save everything, we still have the flowbee.

I am proud to say the my daughters love and respect their Pa just as much as I do.

Now there is another generation to spoil and the great grandchildren are reaping those benefits! I know this is a mega post, but it is hard to condense 81 years into on little ole blog post.
I love you, Dad!


Mandy said...

Pa is pretty awesome. I love the pics, especially the last one. Max and Emily were so little and they just kept piling all of those toys on Pa and of course he kept letting them!

Direnna said...

Hi Becky,
I check you and the girls blogs pretty regularly and I just had to comment on this one.
For the longest time I had a 'witch hat' that your dad made when I'd spent the night, one for me and one for Debbie, just pretty much from nothing the way I remember it. I can't remember if it was around halloween or why he made them, but always thought it was so neat and so cool that he made them!
I too love your dad (and your mom too!) :o)

The Garvie Family said...

I love this post and all the great pictures!!! Pa is a wonderful man!!

Annie said...

I too am one of Pa's biggest fans!!! What a fantastic post, he really is a fabulous man. Love ya Pa!!!!

Kara said...

Your dad is pretty cool! Love the sweet post :)

Leslie said...

Love the post! I hope that flashback friday becomes a regular event for everyone! BTW your girls look just like you, I seriously thought that was one of them in the timer camera shot.

Chandra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's fun to see all your sweat grandchildren. My Mom said you are expecting another soon! Congrats.

Ashley said...

I think this flashback friday thing is neat! I will drive carefully but I hope he stalls lol!