Friday, June 13, 2008

I Don't Wanna Grow Up!

Included in our last weekend trip to the "Farm" was also a trip to McDonald's. The boys got to select their restaurant choice so , of course, this is where we found ourselves. If you don't feel like eating at Mickey D's - don't let the kids pick your supper choice. The boys love the nuggets and playplace, but the added attraction of the Kung Fu Panda toys in the Happy Meals cinched the deal!
Here are Max and Sam, scaling the outside of the toys, right beside the sign that says "absolutely no climbing on the exterior." I'm sure if they could read, they would never have climbed up there.
Ben really wanted to enter the tunnel, but he is not quite sure, so......
his mother decided to revisit her childhood and take him exploring. Yes, she volunteered quite willingly.
Out the slide they come! She did say that is was a lot smaller than she remembered, but don't let her fool you. Ben was just her excuse to get to enjoy the toys!


Mandy said...

Love the pics (except for that last one, where I am coming out of the slide, could have lived without that one!!)

Kara said...

Mandy is crazy...I try to avoid that thing at all costs! I send Cory in all the time! Looks like they had fun!

The Garvie Family said...

I should have know this post would end with a picture of Mandy on the play equipment!! She is such a big kid!!!