Friday, June 6, 2008

Memorial Weekend Revisited

It has been so long since I have posted. I haven't even had time to do my usual blog lurking (I really miss it!) I have got way too many projects going - and I am not the woman I used to be. I forgot to take my camera to Owasso last week and I'm in the middle of some home improvement projects (which believe me, no one wants to see quite yet) and I am also painting some pictures on the wall of the church nursery. I also starting trying to work with my oldest grandchildren on swimming, their previous teacher isn't doing it this summer and believe it or not, I used to teach swimming lessons back in the day and yes there were chlorine pools then :) Bright creature that I am , I failed to use sunscreen so I am fried crispy on top of everything else. I am posting some old pictures that I really liked and next week I am going to try to get a little better organized but right now I off to take Max, Emily, and Sam to see Kung Fu Panda! What a great example of brotherly cooperation! It doesn't happen all that often.
You know, it is not a good "Red Neck" slip and slide without a little soap to speed up the action!
This little man is just always so happy.
Cooper thinks he is as big as any kid around - and that makes his mimi nervous sometimes.
Lily carefully makes her way down the slide:) Lily carefully makes her way everywhere she goes.

I love this picture of Sam, he is such a sweet, happy, kid!Pa knows how to cart kids around.
You've just gotta have a good train when you go camping. This is a great bunch of kids (all between the ages of 2 and 5).


Kara said...

Good to see pics and I miss all your posts! I haven't seen you in forever it seems! I can always keep kiddos for you if you need a day off! It would keep mine out of my hair maybe!

Annie said...

Great post! Life just seems to speed up for you each year, and you probably thought the crazy days were over. That is a great pic of the kids "train", you got everyone's faces in it!!

Mandy said...

I also miss all of your posts. This one was a good one!!

The Garvie Family said...

I always enjoy your posts!!! I LOVE the picture of the "kid train"!!!

Leslie said...

lovely photos you've got there. I wish I had a big family to enjoy life with. Maybe someday!

Janice said...

I especially like the train! Sydnie used to make trains with all the chairs, her toys, and whoever would play along. You've got lots of cuties! I don't think I'll have as many grandchildren as you do!