Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's a Hard Knock Life!

Ben's family took a little vacation this week, to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. Well, poor Ben didn't get to go along, he got to stay home with the grandparents. It is not all fun and games at Pa and Mimi's house, so we put him to work. Here is just a few highlights of his day......

First, everyone needs a hearty breakfast to start the day. Ben really loves his waffles!
Next, on to the laundry. Ben got quite accomplished at loading (or unloading) the dryer.
The floor is such a mess, it needs a quick sweep.
Mimi's bathroom drawers are so messy, they need to be cleaned out!

This mop is new, but Ben thinks he can figure out how to use it if he just concentrates.
Ben even assisted Pa in installing a new and much needed light fixture in the dining room. Ben thinks this chain was too long, so Pa shortened it.

After a tough day, slaving away, there is time for a little bit of baseball. Ben's baseball game doesn't necessarily involve a ball, because the bat is good for smacking almost anything.After a nice relaxing bath, some nice piano music will help a baby relax! Then, time to hit the sheets, and then do it all over again tomorrow!


Kristen said...

I know you and Greg are big on teaching your children to become hard workers, but this is ridiculous! Poor, poor Ben! He is such a doll. I'm sure you guys had a great time with him!

Mandy said...

Ha Ha, now you know why I can't get anything done around here! Ben is always into everything! Thanks for keeping him, I know you had your hands full!

Leslie said...

Such a cute litte guy you've got there cleaning up for you, wanna share?

Ashley said...

I think you should Hire him out!

Dawn said...

What a fun post and I loved the flashback Fridays!