Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've been tagged!

This little tag game served a good purpose for me, I finally cleaned out my purse! Mandy and Sally insisted that I cheated because I did not include all the trash from my bag in the picture. By omitting it I don't really give a clear picture of the risk one takes when delving into my purse. :)Anyway, the contents are as follows:

1 wallet that if full to almost bursting but I will refrain from listing the contents (and no, it is not bursting with money)
1 small photo album - this is a must for any self respecting grandmother (and it also is almost overflowing and I am willing to show it's contents to anyone interested)
1 day planner - if I lose this life as I know it will end - I cannot remember anything anymore so I am forced to write everything down!
5 pens
1 pencil - you never know when a crossword puzzle will need to be worked on.
2 reading lights - a spare is important in case the batteries die in one of them
2 note pads - this must again reflect on my poor memory, gotta have some paper handy.
IPOD charger - since I discovered how to download books (I should say Sally taught me this skill) I cannot take a chance on my IPOD dying
Checkbook - these seem to be becoming almost obsolete - I cannot stand to write a check and then have it handed back to me at that very moment! They should at least shred it right there in front of me
2 tubes of lipstick which I rarely remember to use
1 tube of chap stick which I use constantly
Loose powder - the wonderful "hot flash" days (or should I say years) have made this a necessity
1 mirror
1 comb - my girls think this is not necessary since I have "helmet hair"
Instruction book for my new scanner/printer- I just have it for looks, I am planning on using my usual technology training method - let one of the girls teach me
2 packs of gum - the only reason I still have two is that Sam hasn't been around much this week
empty breath mint container - empty because I was around Cooper last week and I have no
idea why I did not throw this away, perhaps is gives some symmetry to my picture
Borders rewards card
Dental appt. card - this is also written in my handy dandy planner so, again, why did I keep this?
Dr. Evans Stillwater clinic card
Hancock Fabrics reward card
Spence Laird's business card ???
Reading glasses - only necessary if I need to READ something
QVC membership card - I actually forgot I had one, guess I need to tune in and buy something...
Nail clippers
Swiss army knife - okay so not a real one but a pretty handy little tool with a bunch of stuff attached.
And last but not least - my favorite thing - it is a little tool that is a phillips screw driver, flat head screw driver and pliers all in one, so cool. You might be surprised to fine out just how often this little gadget has come in handy.
Little pink bag to carry the lipstick, tools, comb, etc.

Whew - I think I need to get a bigger bag! And the sad thing is, I can remember when, if I had a couple of pockets, I didn't carry a purse at all! Anyone who hasn't done this - it's fun - and us nosy girls like to see what is in your purses :)


Leslie said...

WIth all the reading you do, your girls need to get together and get you a Kindle!! Thanks for playing btw!

Mandy said...

Honestly, you do carry so many things in you purse, that I don't even think that picture does it justice. Of course the rest of us get to benefit from all that stuff you do carry!

Dawn said...

I love the fact that your reading habit is so evident in your purse contents!!! Extra reading light! What I wouldn't have given for one of those when I was in HS and reading Harlequin romances in the backseat of the car or the activity bus on those long road trips!