Sunday, September 28, 2008


5 Thing Tag!

I have not spent much time on the computer in the past couple of weeks (been real busy getting ready for mom's party which went great by the way), so I just read that I had been tagged. I really like to read these things when other people fill them out so I will give this a try.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago.

1. Getting ready to turn 46 - good grief!
2. This was Katie's senior year, and she was crowned homecoming queen about this time :) We were getting ready for that.
3. My baby was getting ready to turn 16 and I was probably freaking out ...
4. It was almost senior picture deadline for the yearbook so I was chasing kids around, trying to get them to turn in their pictures.
5. Still trying to juggle the job, laundry, housework, school activities....

5 Things on my to do list
1. Finish the downstairs bathroom makeover -mainly get Greg to put the toilet back in.
2. Finish Annie's baby quilt for her baby girl.
3. Start Katie's baby quilt for her baby boy.
4. Sort through my 500 plus books - pathetic, I know.
5. Start my diet - again!

5 bad habits
1. Staying up too late at night.
2. Going to Wal Mart too often.
3. Over eating.
4. Doing craft projects at the expense of housework
5. Skipping breakfast.

5 places I have lived
1. El Reno
2. Omaha
3. Englewood, California
4. Yukon
5. Woodward

5 Things I am listening to right now
1. Cooper and Ella tattle on each other
2. The air conditioner (and it is still hot in here)
3. Greg watching the season premiere of NCIS
4. The tapping of the keys as I type this.
5. Afraid that is it.

5 words I hate
1. Sucks
2. Shut up
3. That's stupid
4. Ain't
5. Curse words (especially "Jesus" when you're not talking about Him)

5 jobs I have had
1. Baby sitter
2. Life guard
3. File clerk at Southwestern
4. Teacher
5. Grandchild spoiler

5 things I have eaten today
1. Barbecued brisket
2. Macaroni and cheese (the real, baked in the oven kind, yum)
3. Baked beans
4. Birthday cake
5. Tootsie roll

5 websites I visit daily
1. Too many blogs to list
2. Ebay
3. Yahoo mail

This was hard, especially for me who can't remember what she did an hour ago! Anyone who hasn't done this, consider yourself tagged so the rest of us can read about your business!

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Sam said...

englewood's always up to no good! :-)