Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Own Little Sweat Shop?

I have been gone or had company the better part of the last two weeks and now I am finally home for a spell. It is time to get caught up on some much neglected chores.

We have these big oak trees in our front yard and every other year they mass produce the acorns. If you attempt to mow without picking them up, it is like mortar fire from under the lawn mower. This year Greg invited his grandsons over to help, being built low to the ground really helps in the acorn harvesting. They enthusiastically agreed and bicycled over here - mom and Ben can in the van.

This picture is mainly to illustrate that Greg did work along side Max - he didn't just crack the whip over him.

Max worked hard - he stayed up with his pa and then some. I don't think he was ready to quit when Greg decided that they should come in for the OU game.
Ben proudly shows off each and every acorn he found and then...
he slam dunked, and I do mean slammed, them into the bucket.
I guess it is not a sweat shop if you don't make everyone work and we function purely on a volunteer basis. As you can see, not everyone likes to work - Sam lasted about five seconds (I don't think he picked up one acorn) and the need to watch some TV overcame him :)


Leslie said...

What's with the goggles? I'm glad I don't have one of those trees, I don't look so good in goggles. JK

They have gumball trees here, our neighbors have one and they aren't very nice to step on barefoot.

Mandy said...

What is up with those googles? I am pretty sure that he put them on as soon as he woke up this morning and wore them all day! Wish Max worked around our house like that!

Kara said...

I am with Mandy...why is it that the boys work so hard for the grandparents, but when mom or dad asks, forget about it!

Dawn said...

All of your children should move here so that you can have a larger work crew of shorties!