Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Beginning to Look alot like Christmas!

The house is finally decorated for Christmas, I know it is only December 5, but I like the house to be decked out ALL of December. Technically, the grandchildren decorated the tree Tuesday before Thanksgiving - and I don't like to ignore Thanksgiving - but I want all of the kids to help with the tree more, so we trimmed the tree. Enthusiasm ran high, all of the ornaments were waist high or lower (we did do a little rearranging), and only a couple got broken, so I would say that the endeavor was an unqualified success.
Emily has a latent rock star living inside her - which she releases on special occasions - as you can tell. She is very excited about her decorating expertise.
Little Ryder man looks as if he is helpfully placing an ornament on a branch, but in reality he thought all of the round ones were balls, which he felt the urge to remove from the tree and chunk across the room - hence the two broken ornaments :)
Cooper took the tree decorating very seriously this year!
Max likes to direct the decorating, he thinks we should decorate, a lot, for all holidays. I may take this time to interject that his mom needs to get on the ball - he is very frustrated with her decorating efforts so far this year.

Ta Da! The finished product! How sweet they look and Max is running true to form with our group picture attempts.
I just wanted to post a picture of one of my favorite Christmas decorations. For several years, I have been collecting pieces for a Dickens Christmas Village. Most of the family have contributed to this project over the years. Well, during one Branson visit, I noticed that they had their villages displayed on these cute little tree stands. Of course, I wanted one of those - and I found one. At North Pole City for - well, lets just say the cost was a little or maybe a whole lot, out of my price range - and my wonderful husband stepped up to the plate. He made me this great tree on which I now proudly display my village. I just thought it deserved some recognition on my decoration post.

I also wanted to leave you with one final thought. Many moons ago, we don't have to go into detail, I purchased this nativity scene. With my own money I might add and that was no small feat, since I was about ten years old and was gainfully unemployed and earned my cash by getting deposits on coke bottles or odd jobs or successful begging. I digress, this nativity scene has held a place of honor during each subsequent Christmas. I usually set it on the table by the front door, artistically placing the pieces in the scene so they stretch out across the surface. Every time a certain little boy would come to visit, I would find the set rearranged to look like the above picture. I would then put everything back like I thought it should be, only to find it rearranged once again after Max had visited. I have been known to indulge my grandchildren a few times, but in frustration I finally asked Max why he felt the need to always mess with my nativity scene. After all, I purchase a Little Tyke Nativity that they can play with to their hearts content! Max replied, "Mimi, Baby Jesus need to be in the middle of Christmas so everyone can see him!" Out of the mouths of babes. Max hit it right on the nose, and I hope all of you have a wonderful Christ centered Christmas!


Mandy said...

My goal in life is to get the rest of our Christmas decorations up this weekend. Mostly so you and Max will get off of my back :) Max want to decorate everyroom, bathrooms, laundry rooms, ect!

Mandy said...

Oh yea, I am also very impressed that you captured Max in a picture that turned out that well, it is usually much worse!

Dawn said...

I really, really like your Dickens village display. I know I've told you before. Sadly this year, I'm being a grinch decorator. Last night I put the tree up. Alone. As fast as I could and it still be presentable. Les did the lights today and I'm looking around the house for very large items to put on it so we won't have to get box, after box, after box of decorations out. Thus avoiding packing up box after box.....

Leslie said...

I love it that Emily is wearing a Horace Mann Tshirt. I went there as a kid, so many memories and broken bones there.

I am very much looking forward to my own grandkids decorating my tree. Sitting back and having some hot tea while they enjoy doing all the work. Sounds like a good time to me!

Sam said...

love the decor, and the help from the grandkiddos. i love your dickens village...i love looking at those things and pretending i'm in them and wondering how fun it would be to go into the shops and churches. is that strange of me? i also have a little people nativity scene, but my little one only chucks it across the room. or they intermix the baby Jesus with the snowman and put them both on a sled in another christmas little people display. but i agree...EVERYONE should have their eyes on Christ this christmas!! cute post!