Friday, January 30, 2009

100 Days Smarter!

Yesterday marked the one hundredth day of school here. They make quite a celebration out of it also. At least they do in elementary school - in secondary, 100 days is probably not quite the milestone - still way too many days in the school year to celebrate :). They kids do activities centering around the number, 100 - like counting, stories, 100 part snacks, etc. I guess the most significant aspect of this day is the school year is over half way completed.
Max and Emily are sporting their lovely "100 Day" headgear. Max's may say 100 days smarter, but I guess he felt the need to try to dispel that idea in his picture and this is the good pose.
Just had to post this picture, a bed full of sweetness (at least most of the time) Sam and Ben spent the night with Lily and Cooper the other night and it is always important to watch a movie in Pa and Mimi's bed at night, yes even Ben, for awhile anyway. Today it is back to the Harrel's to take Lily and Cooper home and introduce Ruby to Emily. I love getting new grandchildren, but I must admit I am looking forward to a little downtime before baby Karn arrives at the end of the month.


Mandy said...

Hopefully, Baby Karn will wait until the end of the month so you can have some down time!

Annie said...

How sweet does little Ben look in bed with the big kids?! Thanks again for all your help with Ruby, Cooper, and Lily!! I don't know what we would have done without you!!!!!!1