Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sammy's got some moves!

Friday night, this conversation took place in our living room...
Sam - "Pa, I ate a visibuwe Big Foot" (Sam has been know to leave out syllables as well as saying incorrect sounds for "l" or "r" and yes I know his mother is a speech pathologist)
Pa - "I bet that was different"
Sam - "Pa, I got me some moves"
Pa - "Well, I guess I'd better see those moves"

Sam - "Fust you have to exewcise" (this is a well executed push up in case you were wondering)
Pa - "Of course you have to exercise, you can't afford to pull a muscle"

Move #1 - cartwheel/break dancing exhibition
Move #2 - hard core workin' it!
Move #3 - throw in a couple of leaps for good measure
This is what a proud mover and shaker looks like after a successful demonstration. He has finally completely recovered from his tonsillectomy.

Just had to throw in one last post before the birth of Ruby Ann Harrel on January 20. Tomorrow I head for Owasso for the big event and the next time I talk to you all I will have nine grandchildren! Please keep them in your prayers and we will keep you informed!


Hilary said...

What an imagination! Can't wait to see pics of Ruby! Give Annie a hug for me.

Mandy said...

That is my Sammy boy for you! You forgot the part of the conversation that after he ate the invisible big foot it made him "fwo up!"

Sam said...

I love that those boys get a chance to be with their "Pa". I wish Palmer and Brooks could get a chance to be with their pawpaw...I'm sure they'd give him a show just like Sam. And how do all kids know how to breakdance even if they've never seen it before?! So funny. Give Annie our best, and can't wait to see pics of Miss Ruby. Congrats on being such a blessed grandmother!