Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm just one day late!!

Yesterday was the birthday of the first man God placed in my life. And I thank Him everyday for giving me the earthly father that he did. My dad just had his 82nd birthday. I always run late, but I did have an excuse, besides taking care of precious Ruby, I went to Yukon yesterday so my sister and I could take my parents out to eat to celebrate dad's birthday. He got to choose the place - so he chose Fur's cafeteria. That's right! When I was a kid, we never got to eat at a cafeteria because you were charged by the item and when you got to the cash register we always picked way more than we could eat - so I guess you could say we ate ourselves out of the opportunity to eat at cafeterias. But now, it is one price no matter how much you get so that makes cafeterias very attractive to my dad. The food was pretty good and we ate a lot. Dad even got TWO desserts, but hey it is not every day that you turn 82 years old!

I cannot say enough about my wonderful father. He gave so much to his family. We always knew how much he loved God, our mother, and my sister, brother, and me. I always thought he could do anything, fix anything. I never knew that sometimes other people came to your house to repair items, I thought all dads did this. He graduated from Oklahoma University with an Electrical Engineering degree before computers and even calculators (he used a slide rule which I am guessing you young people have never laid eyes on), he built the house my parents live in, wouldn't own an automatic transmission vehicle for the longest time because standards were easier to work on, he is an artist, and a poet, and an all around wonderful person. He has read to us, played with us, cried with us, laughed with us and just celebrated life with us.

Easter Sunday, circa 1954
Another Easter picture, year unknown, taken with one of those automatic flashes that you are never quite sure will work.

Church Halloween party, Dad made his own costume, of course, a Derby jockey.

As the family has grown, Dad just enjoys us more - Cooper, Ruby, and Lily with their great Pa Gramps.
Dad, with the love of his life. They have been blessed with over 60 years together.
I love you, Dad!


Dawn said...

That is sweet. You are blessed!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Pa!!! I couldn't have asked for a better grandpa!

Leslie said...

I just love those old photos. You are just too sweet!

Mandy said...

Pa is awesome and dearly loved!

Sam said...

i always LOVED seeing them at tennis tournament!!! very sweet!

Hilary said...

What a sweet tribute to a wonderful man! Your family is blessed.