Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July, Part 1

As usual, I took way too many pictures on the 4th. It occurred to me that rather than have one gigantic post, I can divide it up into about three and I can avoid several things. One, no one would be so overwhelmed that they just skip an epic sized post for lack of time to read it, two, I don't really have time to compose a post of this magnitude, and last and most importantly, I can have something to write about for several days and thus avoid getting nagged by my daughters about my poor, dull blog. So, I decided that this first entry would be about food. Food seems to be the center of any celebration our family takes part in. Chad's wonderful parents once again opened their home to us for the Independence Day celebration. It's great! They have a super nice yard, live close to town (right across from our church) and have the added advantage of being outside city limits, allowing the kids (big and little) to blow up things (with fireworks, of course) to their hearts content. Greg smoked ribs on his smoker, which we have had for several years, and has now been used a total of three times. But they were delicious, making me think he needs to break the old cooker out a little more often. And what is July 4th without homemade ice cream - you have to eat some. Add Lanus' cookies and brownies and cupcakes and the meal was perfect!

Sally had to sit down and stretch out so Heidi could have enough room beside the ribs and ice cream!
Ben had several bowls of ice cream. I think he is telling his Granddad that he would really like some more....
Sam actually likes air conditioning, but came outside for ice cream, probably because his mother wouldn't let him take it inside.
Chad prefers ice cream in a cup. He insists you get more. I think he really gets more, notice he has a cup in his hands and one between his feet :)
Can you tell - it is dark outside and Greg is still eating (I'm afraid we were all guilty of that)

Max was to involved in the firework side of things I don't know if he even ate anything. I did catch him drinking some Coke, but that doesn't take near as much time.
Basically, Ben ate his ice cream and then begged off of every one else. He is my kind of eater! He is not even above a little bribery. How could anyone turn that down! That's one post down. It is now about 11:00 Sunday night and I think I am still full from yesterday. That is what I call a successful holiday!


Annie said...

How dare you have fun when I'm not there!!! :) Looks really yummy and I sure missed everyone this year, can't wait to see ya Friday!

Jillian said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Dawn said...

Who wouldn't share ice cream for such a sweet kiss!

The Garvie Family said...

I love homemade icecream...and now I'm really craving it! I can't wait to read the rest of the parts to the Fourth of July adventure.

Mandy said...

Sally looks like she is posing for that picture! Too funny.