Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall A Days!

Last weekend was annual Fall A Days in Woodward, so Emily, Ella, Sally, Heidi, and I ventured to the Fair Grounds. We had a nice time, saw some really cute bows (Leia is talented) and spent some of Pa's hard earned money (he had to stay home with Ryder and Brock). The weather was great, also.

Emily demonstrates her award winning slide technique!
Did you know that now you can make your own pixie stix? That is if you have the time and someone to bankroll you. This was quite a hit with my girls.
A free fan and a pixie stick - what more could you ask for? I cannot believe I did not get a picture of Miss Heidi at her first Fall A Days. I am a horrible Mimi!


Sam said...

i heard leia's booth was a hit! love the angle on the last shot...miss seeing those eskimo joe shirts around. ;-)
glad ya'll had a nice girls' day out!

Leslie said...

Looks like fun!