Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the Halls!

When I was kid, putting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving was unthinkable! If your family decorated for Christmas before turkey day, you were definitely lacking in some "holiday etiquette" and were probably not thankful enough for your many blessings. Of course, we kids knew how incorrect this was and begged to put the tree up early, but to no avail. Now, we're the adults and we can put the tree up whenever we want. And it seems that we do it earlier and earlier every year. But I hold to the belief, that Christmas decorations are so beautiful (and so time consuming to put up) that one needs to enjoy them and be thankful for them for as long as possible! Thus, our family continued our tradition of decorating the big tree before *gasp* Thanksgiving Day. And we had a great time doing it!
I still know some folks who make the trek to the Christmas tree lot and pick out a lovely, living tree. I even know some who journey to the countryside and cut down their own tree. This is an interesting tradition since trees always look smaller in their natural habitat. I am reminiscing on the one time we did this and that little "Charlie Brown" like tree took up half of our living room! But our tradition of constructing a tree from all the separate pieces is still fun and I am convinced it probably takes more time than cutting down your own tree. Notice, I have many helpful hands this year. Emily is going to love me for the plumbers crack picture someday!

I have been on the hunt for a new Christmas tree star since last year. I just wasn't happy with our old one. Actually, I purchased a couple (don't tell Greg) and put it to a vote of the masses. I did have a favorite and, luckily my constituents (the kids) voted with me and we put up the gorgeous new gold star.

I have to give the kids credit this year. They did an awesome job decorating. In 2008 the ornaments were in clumps, festooning mainly the lowest tree branches. This time they are evenly spread out and spaced. Of course, all of the children were very conscious of placement, because if they messed up, Max made them rehang their bauble or he did is himself!
Happy just to be decorating!

We always try for a group picture after the project is complete. And I'm happy to say, they were running true to form, posing so prettily for the picture. Notice Ben and Ryder couldn't even break from tree trimming to smile for the camera and Ruby's mom didn't even put her in the picture! If your decorating was half as fun as ours was, I know you had a great time!! Now, I am going to need some help decorating the three other trees I put up...


Dawn said...

Poor Emily, the plumber! We can't get our children to participate in the tree decorating festivities. :(

denise said...

My mom had the girls help her Saturday put up her two trees. Then Jaden convinced mom that the "pets" need a tree, and so now she has three trees! It is funny how grandkids can get my mom to do things she never would have given a second thought to had Paula or I suggested them.