Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not Exactly Wordless Wednesday...

The girls started a tradition when Emily was born to do an "Aunts" t-shirt for each baby. It is really a keepsake, they don't wear them much, but they are fun to make and actually pretty cute. Well, after ten babies, the ideas were getting in rather short supply. The theme is "If you think I'm fill in an adjective, then you should see my aunts." I believe someone suggested (that someone shall remain nameless) the saying "If you think I'm an oinker, you should see my aunts" (Remember, Heidi's dad is a sow farmer). That was vetoed, so we went with the always appropriate "princess" theme. I get the privilege, mainly because I took the picture, of posting the finished product.

I'm sure it is obvious that we have Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Cinderella in the design.
We thought the onesie was plenty big, but the way Heidi is packing it on, we had to get the picture. Wish Aunt Katie had been around to take it, my attempt is pretty pathetic.
Heidi is starting to smile, a lot, but Mimi is a little slow with her shutter finger, actually she is a little slow in many areas. But I know you can see the remnants of her precious little grin. She is smiling because she knows she is the prettiest princess around and there is nothing her aunts can do about it! :D


Annie said...

I bow down to the cuteness that is Heidi!!! Love that stinker!

Dawn said...

That is really cute! Cute idea!