Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The week after Christmas....

is always a little sad for me. I think a tree without presents under it looks so lonely. But it is also a reminder of new beginnings. The new year is just around the corner and it is sure to be filled with blessings and wonderful possibilities. Our family enjoyed several Christmas celebrations, but this one features the festivities at our house.

Just goes to show - babies really would be happy with wrapping paper and boxes for Christmas.

We got Ben this cool race track (he loves cars) and of course, Mimi forgot the batteries. Just a little advice - don't do this! I had to go to the Quick Stop for some and 4 C batteries cost me $14!
Heidi got her first lunch on Christmas day - not exactly turkey and dressing but she loved it anyway.
Ella loved her gifts and she likes to give hugs as "thank yous."
The Cheap boys got a Wii and the Super Marios Brothers game. It was played literally all day - they tagged teamed it, played individually, just about any way you can imagine with only a brief pause for sustenance.
Santa brought Cooper some inflatable swords. What was he thinking?!
There are some old stories that have been in my family for generations and I have taken on the task of putting them in book form along with illustrations. This was my first attempt and I will say that I have a new respect for book illustrators. Not only am I not that great at it - I am slow! It took me half a year to do just one, I hope I still have grandchildren who like kids stories by the time I am finished with this project.
We gave the oldest kids video cameras. They were a hit, but it was like having Candid Camera around all day - they were taping everything!! The only plus is, the way the picture zoomed around, you couldn't tell if it was overly embarrassing but you might get a serious case of motion sickness.

Our resident photographer was busy, so keep looking for Katie's posts - her pictures will be much better than mine!!
Happy New Year, everyone!


Annie said...

Great post mom! Loved all the pics. Of course my fav is the family photo where we all look goofy, except for Chad- maybe he thinks his silly face is just his normal smile. :)

jarcarhar said...

You're illustrating your own books?! You are super Mimi! Can I buy autographed copies?!

Leslie said...

I love that last crazy photo, too cute!

The Garvie Family said...

Once again...you guys had another great time together. I really love the very first picture. Ruby and Brock look so cute!!

Mandy said...

What is Bert doing in the family photo?