Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lakeshore Mission Trip

Greg and others from our Baptist Association just returned from a mission trip to Lakeshore, Mississippi. They were working to help the people there rebuild after hurricane Katrina. Here, a year and a half later the devastation is still so apparent, there is such a need here. There is still no school in the area and the children have to travel forty miles, one way, to attend school. The top picture is the group from our church that went on the trip. There was plenty to do, building as well as picking up trash and other jobs. The next picture shows the mess tent and gives an idea of the conditions in the area. Picture number three shows the whole working group in front of Lakeshore Baptist Church. This is where they worship. The people are so busy trying to help folks rebuild their homes that the church continues to meet here. Greg had a slight accident while working. He say slight, but he has a huge bruise on his back, he can't raise his right arm, and he can hardly move around. The house on stilts was the site of the "fall." Lastly, our friend, Ed, models a pair of Greg's shorts. I'm sure there was no fun had on the trip at all :) Please remember these people in your prayers as they continue the struggle to rebuild their lives.

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