Monday, March 26, 2007

Olympic Skiers!

Okay, so maybe not Olympic skiers, but skiers none the less. Sally and Emily went skiing in New Mexico with my brother, Greg's, family. They had a terrific time. It was really warm and I think that the snow got a little slushy but it was great fun. I think the only injury was Brenda's bad fall (Sally said it was really bad, bruised horribly) and she is probably fine by now. Some of Greg and Brenda's friends came also, so there was a good crowd. I am so thankful my girls got to go along, we have such a wonderful family!

Hannah and Brenda are such cute snow bunnies!

Greg looks a little winded.

Here is the whole group.

Heerree's Emily!

Emily took this picture, not too bad, Aunt Katie!

Hunter's baaad!

She's just too cute for words.

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