Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big weekend!

The Owasso bunch came this weekend and we had a great time! (Let me explain why this post is in blue and underlined.....I have no idea! I must have pushed some random button, but until one of my children fixes it for me I will be posting in underlined blue:) Anyway, if you saw Katie's blog you saw some good pictures of two little soccer players, well below are two cute little fans. It was so cold we are really bundled up. Little Ben is even sitting in his own chair. Cooper is just happy to be having a snack.

I just had to post this picture of Sam because Emily fixed his hair, isn't it lovely.

Annie kept fro-ing Ben's hair and giving us all a laugh, it really is rather bushy, time to go to the barber!


Kara said...

It was pretty chilly saturday morning! Cute pics...have fun in O-town this weekend!

Annie said...

Oh Mom, you make me laugh. How like Nanny you are becoming. She always seems to do something on accident with her cell phone and not know how to fix it. Love you lots!