Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Digging to China!

Some of you may know that the Cheap boys have an uncle that works in China. He comes home a couple of times a year for an extended stay and the boys are crazy about him. Well, Jeff just left for China about a week ago and the boys already miss him. This summer, Pa bought the kids their own shovels (I think he envisions getting some work out of them), and their favorite place to dig is my flower bed. I walk outside the other day and they are digging away! They then informed me that they were "Diggin' to China" They didn't make China, but they did make it to my irrigation pipes!


Kara said...

okay that is too funny! where did he get those shovels? caden needs one because he keep breaking the plastic ones!

Katie said...

OH, I am so envious of the boys playing in the dirt!!!:)