Thursday, September 13, 2007

Max is 5!

Max turned five today and had his first friend party! He wanted a bowling party and they were quite the crew. He had several little guy friends to invite and, of course, cousin Emily. Well, his mom, thinking to spare Em the embarrassment of being the only girl tried to encourage him to invite another little girl, just so Emily wouldn't be the alone. Max was horrified! When Mandy explained that it would be nice for Emily to have another girl at the party, Max replied,"Emily is not a girl, she's my cousin!" Needless to say, Em was the only girl and it didn't seem to bother her at all.

Billy Bob teeth were quite the rage in the gift bags.

Max reluctantly poses for a pic outside the bowling alley.

Max takes his bowling quite seriously.

Pa came along to baby sit Ben.

Sam just came along to be happy and eat cookies!

Does that smile look forced........

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Kara said...

happy birthday max!! Looks like you all had fun last night, see you on Saturday!