Friday, September 7, 2007

The Many Faces of Sam!

Okay, this is all about Sam, I know and I don't love him more than my other grandkids, but this is one entertaining kid. Besides being a ham, he loves to pretend and dress in costumes. You never know which Sam will come walking through the door. And when he is in character, he is in character! One Sunday he decided he was a puppy and he wouldn't even speak to anyone, just bark or maybe lick your hand, even in church! Let's just say that Sammy always makes me laugh and brightens my day:)

Tiger Woods, watch out!

I need an excedrin!

Bet you can't see me.

Just let me watch Scooby Do and leave me alone!

Baby powder doesn't go on your head?

Of course Captain Hook wears cowboy boots.

Yipee yio ki-ay!



Annie said...

I love little Sammy too, what a cutie pie!!!

Mandy said...

He definately has the big personality at our house!! Wether is be good at time or bad at times!!

Kara said...

That is so funny, I got my chuckle in for the day! Thank you!

Katie said...

Oh my Sam Jam! He does give me some good laughs!!