Monday, October 8, 2007

Homecoming for Ryder!

As you can tell, Katie was happy to be home with baby Ryder. Mom and baby are doing well, Ryder only lost about 4 ounces and it already taking 3 ounces of formula every four hours. At this rate, he will outgrow his big sister before long:)

Ryder had quite a welcoming committee and they almost "Loved him to pieces"
Jason is raising him right, already decked out in his Sooner duds! You would think most of his weight is in his cheeks, until you look at his thighs! He is already a "solid" little man. We are truly blessed!


Mandi said...

YAY!! Glad everyone made it home OK!! I just can't get over those cheeks :0) He's adorable!!

Stacy said...

Katie looks really good! Gald everyone is home! Can't wait to meet him. I think he looks like his Daddy.
Love him in his OU stuff. Hope he loves his OU blanket. Softest thing I have ever felt.

Kara said...

He is so cute and big! I can't get over it! Katie looks great, tell her I said "good job momma!"
I could personally do without all the OU stuff, but whatever :)