Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Annie and I took Ella and Cooper to the local "Pumpkin Patch" today. Their church "Mom's Club" meets once a week and today they went to the pumpkin patch. Lily and Ryder didn't get to go with us. One had school and the other had a doctor's appt., I'll wonder if you can figure out which is which:)

The kiddos posed for this picture when we got there, under protest, I might add.
They really did find the perfect pumpkin....too bad it wasn't for sale!
This is a hay maze, but it is more fun walking ON the hay instead of in between the bales.

Ella is searching diligently for the "perfect apple" um, pumpkin....
Cooper would rather have a gourd!
When we got home Cooper got in touch with his femine side and he looks so cute, he really is secure in his masculinity.
I just had to post new pictures of the baby. Doesn't he already sleep like a big boy? With his arms straight down to his side or his hand under his cheek? He is so precious!
Ryder had also gained two ounces in the two days he has been home from the hospital!


Annie said...

Great pics Mom! Yes, I think Lily figured out that we went to the pumpkin patch, but she didn't know we were on our way when we left her at school! That would have caused a few tears I am sure!

Kara said...

Ella and Cooper look so cute! I bet they had fun today! Ryder is still the big boy! We missed you at CPR this morning, enjoy that grandbaby and come home soon!

Mandy said...

Wow, Ryder really has changed since Sunday. I can't wait to kiss those chubby little cheeks!!

laura d said...

Looks like you were enjoying a beautiful fall day with the little ones.They are so cute. Missed you at CPR. Can't wait to see real pics and hear all about Ryder. Trust he and Katie are still doing good. See you soon.