Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Own Pumpkin Patch!

Okay, so it is not much of a pumpkin patch, but as you can see we did get five pumpkins and one gigantic gourd! And the kids got a real kick out of it! That's the only reason we grandparents do things these days anyway:)
The workers proudly showing off the harvest.
Yes, that big green thing in the middle really is my gourd, and the only one that grew on the vine I might add!


Annie said...

Seriously, that is the biggest gourd I have ever seen! What are you going to do with it? Great pics of Pa and the kids and you and the kids!

Katie said...

OHHH, I miss my little girl!!But I know she is having a blast. That is the biggest gourd!

Kara said...

That is a great gourd...what are you going to do with it?