Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dancin' and Posin' with the Stars!

"Dancing with the Stars" is a big hit at our house! We all watch it, we DVR it and sometimes watch it over again. This season Emily has really gotten into the spirit of the show. She dances right along with the stars and let me tell you she has some smooth moves!

She had to deck out in her "best" dress-up dress and she even has a partner.
Everybody needs some props to spice up their performance.
If you don't think she has skills - notice the head tilt:)
We took this picture over fall break this weekend. It just so happened that all of the big boys had the same Halloween shirt and this picture was just too cute not to post.
I also want to thank my wonderful daughter Katie for my new Banner - now all of my grandchildren are represented!


Annie said...

Love the new banner!! Too cute! I am with Emily all the way, I love to dance along with the show! She is just like her Aunt Annie!!

Kara said...

Too cute of Emily, she is so full of energy! I also love the banner, Katie will you help me with mine next...PLEASE!!!

Mandi said...

Hey I love the "makeover"!! Emily is too funny and just CUTE!! Her dance partner's a good one too!! ;0)