Monday, October 29, 2007

Carnival Fun!

Last week Katie, Annie , and kids came to town. We had a big weekend planned and we always love it when they come. The local vo tech was sponsoring a sort of pre-halloween celebration to raise money for autism. Of course, we had to take the crew. They had a great time and of course came away with alot of candy!Emily is already exhibiting her artistic talent. Painting the pumpkins was one of her favorite activities of the carnival.
I know Mandy will be proud that I included her picture with the grandkids. You've got to rate for that one.
Cooper loved the bowling! Don't you think he has got the form down just right?
Lily is also artistic! The boys painted pumpkins also, but they really didn't care to spend too much time on such a slow activity.
I was trying to get Ella to show me the necklace she made, but she wanted to "shake it" for the camera.
The entire group with all their loot.
Max was really pretty good at throwing the rings and he is standing a respectable distance away......
Sam, on the other hand, figured out how to ring the peg everytime:)
This little ghost is Ella's best friend!

Painted faces!

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Annie said...

Great post! I love all the pictures! How did Mandy get so lucky to actually make the blog? I thought you had to be a grandkid to be on it. What is up with the last picture of Coop?! Too funny!