Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yes - It's Thanksgiving!

I know, we haven't had Thanksgiving, but there were some little people "foaming at the mouth" to decorate our tree. So, of course, we decided it was the perfect time for "deck the halls." The girls are all with their husbands' families for turkey day so we did a little early celebration.

Poor Ryder didn't get to participate in the ornament hanging. He is smiling at us now, but Mimi is a little slow on the "shutter" so the smiles were gone by the time I snapped. But he does look pleasant, don't you think?
Ella and Cooper concentrate on putting the decorations in just the right place.
As you probably guessed, all the tree ornaments are hanging about waist high. Max really is trying to get them up a little higher, as he precariously balances on the rocking chair.
And Emily thinks that Cooper needs some assistance and she is just the person to give it.
This is a little blurry, Katie tells me I have "hand shake" - but I am using the picture anyway, Katie.

Lily is a perfectionist at everything, including tree decorating. She was fixing everyone else's ornaments that weren't hung quite right.Here is the gang, all proud of the the finished product. (Okay, I know this is underlined and blue, but I don't know why) :)


Annie said...

Fun pics, we had a great week! Time flies by when we are all together. I love all the memories we are making together. My kiddos love staying at Pa and Mimi's! Thanks for a great week!!!

Kara said...

so cute! glad you got the tree up and decorated! it is great to be with family this week...i know it did us good!

Hilary said...

Looks like you had a great week with all the family home. By the way, I am sure I owe much of my creative side today to your early training!

Mandy said...

To bad Ben did not get to help decorate the tree :) I am sure he would have loved to help!!