Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veterans Day Programs

Max and Emily both had Veterans Day programs at school today. Last year, Emily had one and somehow it slipped up on us and we missed it. She has never let us forget that she was the only kid who did not have anyone at the program watching them...... Oh well, we made it today and it was a nice program.

Max was supposed to be facing the other direction, but his performances always seem to find him doing his own thing...and not really singing.
Here he is actually doing a little singing (if you can tell) and he really does love that little flag!

Emily is way at the back and this is the best picture I got of her. Looks like she is having such fun! She really did love singing "Grand Old Flag"

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Annie said...

They both look really excited to be in a program! :) They just can't contain the excitement can they?!