Monday, January 7, 2008

Sally and Bert

The other day, Sally mentioned that she would like Katie to help set a blog up for her (you know Kate is our go to gal for all things that involve pictures and sometimes technology). Well, it will probably be awhile before that happens and today Sal downloaded her honeymoon pictures to my computer, so......... I just thought I would share some of them. We are so happy to have Bert as a part of our family !They went to Copper Mountain in Colorado to get in some skiing.
Actually, Sally did the skiing and Bert did some snowboarding.

It is too bad my daughters are so camera shy! We love you, Sally and Bert!


Katie said...

I know I need to help out my techno challenged family! I am glad you posted these pics. I just think my new bro in-law is super special and I love how he has completed my little sis!

Mandi said...

Yay Sally!! I think she needs to start a blog too!! Great pics :0) They make it look so easy, I have issues(:0) when skiing and it is definitely not a talent that I possess!!

Kara said...

I think she should start a blog too! I love Bert and I am so happy for them! The pics look great! I am sure they had fun:)