Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life!

I've been giving Annie a hard time about not posting and she pointed out that it has been over a week since I did the same. I was thinking that there really hasn't been anything overly interesting to post, then I thought, that's not true. Life is so good, I don't need to take that for granted. I have a great life and everyday God just blesses me more and more. So I thought I would just post a few pics of my precious grandsons and let everyone know that yes, we're still here and doing well. Ben plays peek-a-boo. He usually does it with a towel or blanket and it is so cute. But when he has the towel and I grab the camera, he loses interest and just wants the camera. Here he is peek-a-booing (sp?) under the desk. Isn't he precious?
Mandy posted about Max's lost tooth, but he looks so grown up with a missing tooth. I think five years old is awfully young for my little grandson to be losing his teeth. (another one is real loose, also)
Sammy wanted me to take a picture of his chin. As you can see, the stitches are out and the chin is looking good! He is such a brave little trooper, it is a good thing because I'm afraid there may be more stitches in his future.


Annie said...

Good post, all of Mandy's boys are looking sooooo big! I don't want them to grow up so fast. Ben will be walking soon and he needs to see his Aunt Annie more often!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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