Friday, February 29, 2008

Prayers for Sally

Tomorrow, or rather I guess today since it is just after midnight, my baby , Sal, is having her tonsils taken out. I'm feeling a little guilty, because we probably should have had them removed when she was a kid, but we didn't so now she has to suffer through at the ripe old age of 25. The procedure is set for 12:15 pm and she should get to go home tomorrow also. Emily is a little concerned, so a few prayers for her wouldn't hurt either. I'm confident everything will go fine and hopefully so will the recovery.An update on Sally: Everything went well, the doctor said she did real well during surgery, but that she may have had the ugliest tonsils he has seen in along time. Something about scar tissue and being difficult to remove, the upshoot is that her recovery may be a little worse because of it. But she is home and resting and right now she said she really wasn't hurting too much. Thanks for your prayers.


Jillian said...

We'll keep Sally in our thoughts and prayers today. I wish her a speedy recovery!

sandybiggs said...

We will be praying for Sally. And little Emily's sweet.

Anonymous said...
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