Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day!

We like to give the grandkids a little somethings for Valentine's Day. It is not much, just a little reminder that we think they are so special. I never got to shop for boys until my grandsons started arriving and I must admit that I am having some fun. Okay, you mothers of boys, I know that all of you, especially my grandsons mothers, probably do not appreciate the boys gifts. But what kid doesn't need a sword and shield? How can you slay dragons without one?To be fair I did give them a lecture about not hitting each other with their sword:) I am secretly glad that they are taking them back to their own houses.
At least I didn't give Ben a weapon, he got a dancing turtle!
Emily didn't get a sword either, but perhaps she should have, because she really likes it.
This injury is not a result of the sword! Sam's Valentine's Day ended with three stitches when he took a header out of the van. Actually, his parents and Pa tried to tape him back together first, but when he woke up Friday his tape was coming off and a trip to the Doctor was needed. He was such a brave little man. This is his second set of stitches and he is not even four yet. I'm afraid Mandy and Chad may get to know the ER personnel real well before these boys are grown. Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!


Annie said...

What my mother failed to mention is that the sword and shield are made of heavy wood!! I am already dreading the injuries Cooper will cause with his. He does love it though! Poor Sam, ouch, what a brave boy!!

Malabei said...
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Ivan said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't click on Ivan's comment. It's a virus.