Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays.....

Max, Sam, and I loaded up Saturday morning and headed for Yukon. We had several excuses for going (not that we really needed one). Mainly, we were getting to celebrate two birthdays. Two chances for ice cream and cake in one day cannot be ignored. Rylie Joe Burnett celebrated her first birthday at Sunrise Park in Yukon. It was a little bit chilly, but every one had a fun time. Then we went to Zoe Wilson's fifth birthday party. It was so good getting to see family and friends, but Saturday night, Max started running a temperature and his tonsils are about twice the normal size. I hate it when they kids get sick, but he still seemed to enjoy the trip and his mom will have to take him to the doc tomorrow.
Here is my beautiful sister, Debbie, with her first granddaughter, Rylie Jo. Rylie is the princess. (her grandson, Kane, will arrive this summer)Rylie is getting a little help from her parents in opening her gifts. Mainly because she just wanted to get down and run around instead. Don't you just love first birthdays?
Rylie was also a little lady when she ate her cake, just barely getting her fingers messy.
The boys did enjoy the park, expecially the large piles of sand waiting to be spread in the volleyball pit.
There was a playground that was pretty popular also.

Sam was really excited about getting to spend the night at Nanny Rice's and Pa Gramps' house.

What could be better than ice cream and cake for lunch?

Zoe was the other birthday girl of the day. She is so cute and was so sweet when she opened up her presents.
This party had a few more children in attendance. Notice, my grandsons faces. Sam as such a "natural" looking smile and Max just can't stand to smile for the camera. Jennifer did serve us pizza at his party, Mandy, so they did get something more nutritious than just cake and ice cream again! I, on the other hand, just at cake again :D


Mandy said...

I am sorry I missed all the fun. And you know me I really do not worry about nutritous eating! A little cake never hurt anyone!! Sam did tell me about 10 times how much he liked going to "Nanny Rice's".

Katie said...

I wish we could have gone. It would have been nice to see everyone!

The Garvie Family said...

It looks like you guys had a fun time. I think I would have enjoyed those big piles of sand myself!! I hope Max gets to feeling better.

Annie said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!! Maybe we'll get to go next time!