Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Today is our Sammy Boy's actual 4th birthday! I haven't been on to post in a few days (we've had company for the past several days and it has been great, just busy) so I thought I would just flash back through some of my favorite Sam pictures. He is so precious and funny and a true gift from God! I love you, Sam!

Max just loves his baby brother soooo much!
Our little dinosaur on his first Halloween.
Sammy has always really liked his Pa!
Great big one year old.

The year passed so fast and now he is two!
Pa Gramps gave Sam a sheriff''s badge with his name on it at his 3rd birthday.
It wouldn't be a true post about Sam if I didn't include "Ralph the dog." Ralph still makes quite a few appearances. In fact, his Sunday School teacher hasn't seen "Sam" in weeks, Ralph hasn't missed much, though :DHappy Sam on July 4! Why is he so happy, you ask? Notice the ears! Sam has always hated the loud noises on the 4th, but here he is with his oil field ear plugs, happy as can be!

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Leslie said...

He's a very cute little boy!