Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Fall once again finds us at the soccer fields. I have never been too much of a soccer fan, strange how when your grandkids start doing something it becomes your favorite activity. The weather has been glorious and it has been rather relaxing sitting in the lawn chair and watchin' some soccer. Good thing, too, because we're there for six games!
I'm no Katie and my pictures pathetically show it, but I'm posting them anyway. Sam thought he looked GOOD in that uniform. He kept telling pa, "Check this out." (pointing to his shirt) He also kept giving us "thumbs up" - so cute!
Max is getting into it more this year, although it did take one game to get him started. Or maybe it was the bribe. Chad told him he would give him a dollar for each goal and he scored 4 in the second game :D
Emily is on a bigger field and they keep score this year. She still has to play coed because there were not enough girls sign up for their own league. She does love it even if they did get beat 25 to 0 the first game. Yikes! It was an older team and the next game was much better.
Now for the flashback part...thought I would post a picture of their moms when they played. Mandy never played soccer, but this is her on her first softball team. She was in kindergarten, just like Max.

Sally was in first grade when we moved to Woodward, and that is when she had her first soccer experience. It wasn't her favorite pass time and she didn't always jump into the action. When I asked her why she replied, "How would you like to get kicked right here?" (pointing to her shin) She had a point, I wouldn't have liked it :D


Leslie said...

This post is cracking me up! From Mandy's awesome outfit (gotta love the "red hots" visor) to Sam's thumbs up and the bribing it seems like you all have a great time with the team sports. I think you deserve a medal for making it through 6 games!

The Garvie Family said...

I love Mandy's visor. I find it interesting that she has a glove on her hand and a glove under her knee. I guess the second glove is protecting her precious little knee from the grass? I can't believe you sat thru 6 games...what a grandma!!!

Sam said...

awwww...they looked so cute!!! i'll show tim mandy's softball pic and see if he'll change uniforms to match hers! and i love the fact that sam gave you thumbs up and kept saying, "check this out." what a hoot. you definitely have a lot going on, and a lot of fun is had, i'm sure!

Sally said...

Okay maybe I'm crazy, but I think Sammy boy looks a little like his Aunt Sally when she was little.

Mandy said...

I kind of forgot about Red Hots, there was probably about as much softball playing happening that year, as Sam gets soccer playing done!

Amanda said...

Isn't soccer fun?!!! You're such a wonderful grandma to sit out there through six games! Love the flashback pics!