Monday, March 2, 2009

It's bloggin' time again....

I am finally back home and able to down load pictures to my computer. Seems like I've been away from home and computer for about a month:) Brock is doing well, but he is one hungry boy! It is lucky if he goes 2 1/2 hours between feedings, and no, he is not hurting or fussy - he sleeps great for that period of time and then it is starving again. Ella and Ryder got to come home to Woodward for this week so maybe Kate can catch some much needed naps this week. I just posted a very few of my favorite pictures from last week, believe me, I could have posted many, many more......

Do you think this boy will get enough love from his sister - she can't hardly stand it when he sleeps :)

Ryder finally decided that his little brother is okay - he even gives him a quick sugar in between soccer kicks. The baby didn't get to stay on the ground very long.
Ruby is completely speechless as she gets a load of her "little" cousin. "Where did that big kid come from?"
The happy family the night before mom and baby came home from the hospital.
Even though it may look precarious - the baby did not roll off onto the floor.
This picture was taken right after delivery - I think Katie looks pretty fantastic for just pushing out a 9 lb 13oz baby boy.
Is this a precious face or what - so what if he need to eat all the time, he has a lot of growing to do:)


Hilary said...

Another adorable one to add to your bunch. What a sweet little round face!

Janice said...

Precious! Congratulations once again!

Tiffini said...

What a cute bunch! It amazes me how Katie has had such hefty boys.

You have beautiful grandchildren!

Leslie said...

That is one good lookin' family. All of your grandkids are just too darn cute!