Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to Jurassic Woodward?

Little did I know that our house had turned into a dinosaur refuge overnight. With Max directing the play you never know who or what will show up. Ella was so excited to have her cousins to play with (Mimi can be a little boring I think) and Ryder is just plain excited. (Please ignore the underlining since I have no idea why or how it got there)

Here is a T-Rex (aka Max) and a Scary Dinosaur (aka Ella) showing their stuff - Sam, on the other hand, has his own ideas...

what is that other scary beast, wait... it's a Polar Bear! And I have been informed that is it a really nice polar bear. Little does the bear know, but he is about to be attacked by a bear eating T-Rex!

The "Big Man on Campus" was just enjoying running around and laughing with the big kids.

The other little man is more interested in watching "Dora the Explorer" on television - if it is not on, no problem, he will try to find it on his own.

As you may have guessed, Ryder and Ella are in Woodward for the week. I am definitely not as young as I used to be or maybe not as good at multitasking because I am getting absolutely nothing done with the kids here. But in my more mature years, I have realized that is perfectly acceptable, who needs housework?


Leslie said...

Your grandkids look like they have just the best time over at your place, I love the photos.

Sam said...

oh, housework,'ve got those kiddos, and they are garnering some terrific memories!!! i would love to be able to send mine to meemee's house for a week. they would LOVE it, and so would meemee!
congratulations on all the new little'll have to replace your top blog picture soon to include everyone!!