Friday, May 8, 2009

Dr. Newhart's Neckup Checkup and Awanas

As I believe I mentioned, last weekend was crazy busy, but especially Sunday. We have the children's musical Sunday morning, Emily's dance recital Sunday afternoon, and the Awanas program in the evening. Just typing that made me tired all over again! And of course, I had my camera snapping away at each occasion. Actually, Chad and Mandy took the Sunday morning pictures because I helped with the production this year. I was sitting behind the grand piano prompting the performers when those perky lines eluded them. Everyone did a great job and I was proud of each and every one! I love kid's musicals, they give all the children a chance to get up in front of an audience and have a good message to boot.

All of the kids sang "Come Now is the Time to Worship" at the beginning of the Sunday service. Sam isn't old enough to participate in the musical, but this he got to do. Here he is, intently watching the director, as he stands between two of his good buddies, Caden and Carter.

Emily had three lines and she spoke up so well.
Max had a line also and I was a little worried but he did absolutely great. He also got to be a wild animal in one scene and I think that was his favorite part.

The kids got awards during the Awana program. Here is Sam standing up with the rest of the "Cubbies."

Emily and Max are in Sparks. The Sparks sang "Hey, Jesus Loves Me." Which is a great song and kids love it!

This is vintage Max (look at the face) after he received his Sparks certificate. I think that kid may be an entertainer someday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Dawn said...

The wild animals in the Newhart play stole the show! And Emily was very professional in line delivery

Janice said...

Wasn't the musical cute?! I agree with Dawn about the wild animals steeling the show. And it's so hard to believe Emily is old enough to have lines in a musical. It seems just the other day it was our kids in the church musicals instead of grandkids!