Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emily and Ella!

May is a big birthday month for our family. Emily was 7 on the 3rd and Ella is 4 today. I went to see Ella last week for her preschool graduation and to celebrate her birthday just a little early. She has been wanting to go to Build a Bear for quite some time, so I thought she really needed that for her birthday. Don't know why they call it "Build A Bear" cause none of my kids have ever built a bear... and Ella was no different. She built Lucy the Lamb and was so cute.

I could barely get her to stand still in front of the store for a picture, she was ready to get busy....

After Lucy got a special heart put inside her and all the stuffing completed, Ella got to give her a bath - without water, of course, but that didn't seem to bother Ella.

Here we are with the finished product. Quite a cute little ballerina lamb!

They get to select two outfits for their new friend. As Emily would say, "Ella is addicted to the Little Mermaid" so Lucy had to get a Little Mermaid costume. We didn't realize until later that Ella really wanted it so she could have a red wig for herself, which she proceeded to wear around the mall the rest of the afternoon. I always wanted a red headed child in our family :)

Last weekend was so busy, Emily didn't get to celebrate her birthday until last night. We had a cook out at her house and the rain paused enough in cooperation - the kids even got to play outside.

Emily loves bakery cookies, so we had those in lieu of a cake.

I think her favorite present was this cute little pig Chuck found for her. It snores, grunts, breathes loud and begs for a bucket of slop.

Sally and Bert gave her a bow and she loved it. That's my little princess for you.

I love you, Emily and Ella! You are both such special little girls!


Leslie said...

What a lovely family you have, and your grandchildren, they are just SOOOOO cute! Love the photo of you and Ella together, very sweet indeed.

Dawn said...

What a cute wig! And both girls are adorable. I can't imagine where Chuck got such a pig!

Annie said...

I cannot quite believe that Emily is now 7 and Ella is 4!!! WOW!!! It seems like yesterday we were cheering Emily into the world and now she is the oldest of 10 grandkids! And little Ella is going to pre-k next year!!! AND to top it all off I'LL BE 30 IN A FEW MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!! :(

The Garvie Family said...

I'm glad someone else wondered why they call it "build a bear". I don't think either of my kids actually have a bear from there. I bet she had a blast making her lamb with you!