Monday, April 27, 2009

It was bound to happen...

Many of you know that we got some much needed new carpet last summer. Of course you remember, I talked about it enough on here. Well, My family has been so great in supporting my carpet paranoia. It's been about ten months with no spills, mud or dirt tracks, and such. Today - the pristine days of my lovely carpet ended. Ben initiated and the sight wasn't pretty. So much so that I didn't even take a picture. Being close to two, Ben is thinking about going in the big boy potty. Maybe not so much thinking about actually going, more like not wanting to wear a dirty diaper around after the deed. Pa was in charge of the boys for awhile this morning while I went to a funeral. I really appreciate him doing this for me, but when I came home they were all outside (Pa being inside) and were a muddy mess. They had to strip down in the laundry room for a much needed clean up. I knew the stench coming from Benny boy was not just mud and he didn't care for it. When I asked him if he needed his diaper changed he got so excited, ran into the living room, plopped down on the floor, and SQUISH! out the legs and onto my beautiful carpet (ugh!), When the carpet has been initiated with baby poo you know it is no longer really new, Okay, enough for my venting (I did get it cleaned up, by the way). I went ahead and posted a couple of pictures about other more pleasant subjects.

Emily's teacher was one of the six finalists for Teacher of the Year in Woodward and Emily was asked to say a few words about her at the district wide reception. Emily absolutely loves hher teacher and it was easy for her to think of a nice speech. We were so proud of her. She decided what she wanted to say, memorized it, and said it beautifully. Here she is, ready to go except she did wear shoes.

I tried to snap a pic during the event, as you can see, but it didn't work very well. She just held that microphone and spoke like a champ. She said she wasn't even nervous. The next day at her school, they honored Mrs. Barnes with an assembly and Emily got to speak again.
You know spring has arrived in Oklahoma when those lovely storms come to town. Yesterday was one of those days. We got over three inches of much needed rain, along with some wind and hail.
It looked like a winter storm had hit for awhile, there was so much small hail. Here is a picture of Greg's new work pickup out in the storm. I just posted a picture of it because you can never tell when he gets a new vehicle - it's always the same make and color. He says I should appreciate this trait...wonder what he means by that :)


Leslie said...

I hope you called a hazmat team! Love the story, very funny stuff!

The Garvie Family said...

Way to go Emily!! You wouldn't get me up in front of a crowd even now. I had no idea you guys got so much hail.