Friday, April 24, 2009

Broadway, Baby!

I thought I wouldn't post today, but Sally and I just finished watching our community theater presentation of "Annie." It got me to reminiscing and I decided, might as well do a flash back post, since I now conveniently have all of my folks old slides on my computer. :D The production we saw tonight was excellent and really enjoyable. The one I am posting about, not so much. I'm sure it was one of those excruciating events, enjoyed only by the parents of the little performers who participated, and even then it was probably a little painful. I know my strong suits and acting has never even come close.

Now, back in my day, elementary schools put on elaborate productions. A lot were not politically correct (my parents have movies of me dancing in black face and braids, ugh!) One year we square danced and had dresses made out of paper, crepe paper. I'm pretty sure the boys didn't wear paper, but we thought we were "too cool for school.'' At the risk of pointing out the obvious, I played the part of an adopted gypsy girl. It needed to be obvious that I didn't belong to the dark gypsies, hence the blond hair. Yes, it was sprayed blond, and it may not have been actual spray paint, but it made my hair so stiff that it felt like it was. My friend standing next to me played my grandmother - noticed the stiff silver appearance of the hair. Oh, those special effects. My mom made my costume - back then I don't think I knew any kid whose mom couldn't make their costumes. If you wanted to be in a play (and everyone did) your mom had to dress you appropriately.

Oddly enough, I don't remember much about the play except that I was this adopted gypsy girl, who after some tense situations, got to stay and live with her gypsy family. Sounds quite riveting, right? Okay, so maybe it wasn't Oscar worthy (or maybe not even Tony worthy, after all it was a musical) but we had a blast. We practiced the little bit of time during music at school, we all learned our lines or else, and there was just one command performance. Sweet memories of the good old days! I remember when I thought the good old days were when my parents were young. I am really enjoying having these old photos at my fingertips to inflict on everyone in the blogging world. Next time, I think I'll embarrass other members of my family.


Dawn said...

That brought back some memories of my own grade school productions! I was a top once and wore a leotard and some sort of contraption made or rings of cardboard and crepe paper!

Leslie said...

Great story! Had I not read the text I would have thought that was one of the girls. You all look so much alike!

Amanda said...

Had you not told us this was a flashback post, I would have thought that was Katie in the pics!!! She looks so much like you!