Monday, April 20, 2009


beautiful soccer weather. During the spring and the fall we get to spend about six Saturday mornings at the soccer field. We are privileged to get to watch six games each Saturday. Sometimes they do leech into the afternoons, so let's just say we feel like permanent fixtures at the NWOSA fields. Occasionally, the games coincide so we get to run back and forth between fields like maniacs. I've learned alo about soccer, since I'm not overly familiar with the game. Some would say I still have a lot to learn :) And I swear, the weather is worse in spring soccer and it ever thought about being for football! Last Saturday, however, was gorgeous. Armed with camera and lawn chair, we hit the fields. I snapped about 116 pictures (that is not an estimate but an exact number) and ended up with a few that were worth keeping. Oh well, sports illustrated won't be recruiting me anytime soon.

The game as finally clicked with Max and each game he gets better. He is literally a speed demon but up to now had been satisfied to lope along beside the other players. If you know his parents at all, you know how completely frustrated they have been with him. He has finally decided to get with the program. He is on a team with several of his good buddies and it is really fun to watch them.
Up to this season, the teams were coed, but this spring there were enough girls sign up to have an all girls league. I know there are some girls who play great with the boys, but this has been great for Emily and her friends. They have to step up and not rely on those speedy aggressive boys :) They haven't won a whole lot, but they are improving every week. Bert is coaching her team and Emily is excited about that.
Sammy boy is in his second season. He still pouts when he doesn't score (he does a lot of this), doesn't like to get kicked in the shin, and really likes the after game snacks, but he is coming along. He is already doing much better than he did in the fall.

Pa and Ben just have a good time goofing around. Here Ben thinks he is mashing Sam, and I guess that's what's happening. Ben is a pretty good sport about spending about four or five hours at the soccer field every Saturday!


Leslie said...

It looks like you all make the most of it and try to enjoy yourself, that's a good thing!

Dawn said...

I"m thankful we didn't have soccer.....But it looks like ya'll are having fun!

Mandy said...

I glad you posted something about soccer. Pretty good pics. I swear I am going to post something pretty soon!